Working with a coach transforms your business because it transforms you.  YOU are YOUR business.  

Every thought, belief and value that you have impacts your business.  The way you feel about yourself, about money, about risk, and about success all impacts the success of your business. Despite your best intentions, if you are not good with your internal self, then your external business isn’t going to be good either.

Other things affect the success of your business as well. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating.  Often, partners, friends and family can’t and won’t support your dream.  They aren’t risk takers like you.  They don’t understand the distinction between strategic risk and inspired action, and unnecessary risk and working solely for the sake of filling your time.

When you are in the unchartered territory of entrepreneurism, creating a new path, there are very few people you can relate to, bounce ideas off of, or receive input from. You don’t know when you’re making a strategic move or just taking action because you don’t know what else to do to create change in your business.

Being an entrepreneur requires taking uncomfortable action, spending personal money, taking risks that can feel like jumping off a cliff, and having no guarantee of success.  Creating a vision and launching a new idea is easy and fun for entrepreneurs.  Continuing to move forward, attending to the ridiculous number of details involved in running your own business, and staying motivated when you’re not getting the financial results you had hoped for, can lead to feeling disempowered, depressed, and overwhelmed.

Working with a entrepreneurial coach provides you with someone who gets how you think, who has been exactly where you’ve been, and who can help you get out the rut you are stuck in. A great coach can be your friend, your mentor, and a person who will get your ass in gear when you’ve lost motivation. Coaching can be fun, inspiring, soul-giving, and life-changing. Coaching can help you learn to love and appreciate your unique gifts and talents, and integrate YOU into YOUR business in a way that naturally creates success.

Are you willing and committed to making the internal change necessary to have effective change in your business?

Do you recognize that what you’ve been doing in your business isn’t working, and are you ready to try something totally different?

Are you tired of trying to implement the perfect marketing plan, network in all the right ways, and putting more money into your business than you’re getting out of it?

Are you ready to experience yourself in new ways?

If you’re willing to move outside your comfort zone and take bold, uncomfortable action, then I am the right coach for you!

I know first-hand that it is possible to address your mindset and your beliefs to have positive impact on your business.

I know it’s possible to be yourself in your business and to generate success in this way.

Check out the “Work with Emma” page or read my free report, “Success Secrets of Entrepreneurs” to learn more about working with me. You can sign up for the report at the top of this page.

To your best business,

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 Emma Churchman, M.Div.